Is it possible for the IT industry to have a real impact on the environment?

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About Us

The IT For Carbon Footprint Foundation was launched in 2021. Observing the global changes and boldly progressing technological development we pay attention to the so far neglected aspect – digital carbon footprint.

The future is in our hands, therefore the most important aspect of our activity is to build a space for exchange – of knowledge, experience, insights, technologies and know-how.

We believe that only through cooperation we are able to have a real impact on the awareness in the IT area, which will result in greater care in the use of IT solutions.

We are building a substantive source of information on #digitalcarbonfootprint by publishing information on this topic. We promote exemplary attitudes of companies, individuals from the IT world and partners through the IT For Carbon Footprint Podcast. We support the development and promotion of cutting edge technologies that reduce the digital carbon footprint.

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Raising awareness

Are you aware that the digital footprint represents 4% of global carbon footprint emissions which is equivalent to the carbon footprint generated by the aviation industry prior to the COViD-19 pandemic?

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Spreading awareness is just the first step in drawing attention to the global problem of the digital carbon footprint. Outdated technologies, archaic infrastructure, and inefficient data centers - you need to know about it!

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Sharing experiences

The topic of digital carbon footprint generated by IT industries needs a discussion. The IT For Carbon Footprint Foundation plans to provide a space for the free exchange of observations, insights and insight for all those being ready to act - businesses, architects, developers, etc.

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Promoting exemplary attitudes

With the IT For Carbon Footprint Podcast, we want to promote exemplary attitudes - global strategies implemented by companies, partners supporting the idea of carbon footprint reduction and green technologies. Stay tuned for the updates!



In the IT For Carbon Footprint podcast, we present profiles of individuals and companies, and complementary business attitudes, that are fulfilling the mission to reduce carbon emissions.

In short interviews we create a space for expression, presentation of specific actions, used technologies and ways to act in accordance with the mission.

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